Retail technology

Whether you’re a manufacturer selling to outlets or a beacon tech expert, we’ve been working behind the scenes in the retail sector for some big name brands.

Performance coatings

We know our polyurea from our epoxy resins. Working for a global performance coatings specialist, selling to vertical sectors like the marine, municipal and industrial markets.

Aggregates and quarrying

With experience on both sides of the fence, we‘ve worked for big names in aggregates manufacturing, as well as businesses supplying the quarrying industry.

Armed Forces
Military and defence

Blast mitigation, personal combat protection and marine asset defence are just a few of the subjects we have covered for the military and defence sectors.

Aerospace firms

Working for the aerospace supply chain, we write about component manufacturing, the maintenance and protection of landing gear and the latest industry advancements

Power Plants
Power generation

Working for some of the biggest names in the UK energy sector, we’ve written about major issues in power generation, like demand side response, asset management and grid services.

Energy Companies
Energy storage

Is energy storage the answer to secure the UK’s future energy supply? We’ve worked with one of the UK’s energy storage pioneers to craft comment and lead the conversation.

Commercial kitchen equipment

There’s nothing we haven’t written about in a commercial kitchen, having handled PR for many of the UK’s largest professional kitchen equipment manufacturers and distributers.


From teabags to turkey products, crisps to craft lager, our PR experience ensures we understand the foodservice supply chain and the issues (and media) that are relevant.

engineering works
Industrial process engineering

Writing for the top trade magazines, we understand what it takes to maintain plant, deliver efficiency, improve quality control and keep operatives safe.

Smart tech
Smart technology

We produce PR, literature and online content on the connected home, the industrial Internet of Things and remote monitoring for installers, OEMs and manufacturers.

Heating and ventilation

From domestic boilers, electric heating, underfloor heating and smart controls to air or dust extraction and commercial adiabatic cooling, our knowledge for marketing this sector is unrivalled.

Property development

We’ve covered all aspects of the property industry, from engineering and construction, to ownership, business rates and compliance – producing content for some of the UK’s biggest property agents.

Professional services

From comment and opinion to research campaigns and newsjacking, we get right to the heart of the issues faced by our legal, property and insurance clients to maximise their exposure.

Construction companies
Construction materials

From the building envelope and first fix, to componentry and tools across all major trades, we’ve served the construction materials industry for ten years, working for numerous big name brands.

Cyber security
IT and software

Nearshoring, project management software, crowdfunding and warehouse logistics applications are just a few of the subjects we’ve covered for this sector, producing website content, editorial and infographics.


We’ve produced on and offline communications for network providers and corporate telecommunications specialists, including infographics, eguides, editorial and on-page web content.

inspection services
Testing and inspection

Our global testing and inspection client works in some of the harshest environments on earth. We produce sales literature, online content and more to reach their customers across all sectors.

chemicals and catalysts
Polymer science

Working for the largest advanced materials specialists, we take briefs from all over the world, before crafting technical copy, content and PR work destined for the UK, America or EMEA.

3D print
3D printing

Competent in writing about (and promoting) both rapid prototyping and the manufacturing of complex geometries, we understand the investment, potential and limitations of additive production.

components machining
Component manufacturing

We produce sales literature, website content and editorial column inches for a variety of component manufacturers on a monthly basis for companies in the UK and further afield.

builders and building supply companies
Builders merchants

Working for two of the UK’s largest merchanting groups, we understand the manufacturer balancing act, the own-brand conundrum and the role merchants play in the building supply chain.

Mass production
Hydraulics and pneumatics

Marketing advancements in hydraulic and pneumatic advancements to the vertical sectors, and delivering thought leadership campaigns on energy efficiency and system maintenance.

Water treatment
Sewage treatment

From pumping and processing to the protection of concrete and steel assets, we’ve worked with numerous global names in the sewage and treatment industry.

Renewable Energy Companies

With a broad knowledge of domestic and commercial renewable technologies, we’ve been producing PR and content for this sector for almost a decade, on behalf of manufacturers, distributors and contractors.