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Customer service – is it that hard to get it right?

Marie & Pete Hitchman

Positive feedback is great. It’s always nice to know you’ve done a good job – and there is no better feedback than repeat business of course. But not all the feedback that comes into The Enamel Works is about the quality of work we produce.

More often than not, it’s about service. Because it’s not that hard to be nice, is it?

  • We reply immediately – even if it’s just to say “I’m on it” (let’s be honest, we’ve got smartphones now)
  • We give a deadline and we stick to it (obviously)
  • We keep clients informed of progress (so they can rest assured progress is being made)
  • We do what we say we will (to the right standard, never rushed)
  • We make things as easy as possible for our clients (because that’s what they pay us for)

I would say it’s part of our business strategy, but I’d be lying. In fact, we didn’t even consider it when we were in the early days of developing The Enamel Works. Because to us, it’s common sense.

You treat customers how you would want to be treated. Don’t you? I’m still amazed how many people we deal with day-in, day-out, that fail to do it, even when they’re selling a product or service.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been there. We’ve worked in-house and agency side, so whether our client is an international manufacturer or an award-winning creative agency, we know the pressures our clients face. Or perhaps it’s because we’re firm believers that people buy from people.

The one supplier we’ve worked with for the longest is a photographer based in Walsall. I won’t embarrass him by naming him, but if you’ve worked with him yourself, you’ll know exactly who I mean.

We use him because his shots are always on brief and delivered on time – but so they should, that’s his job. Most importantly though, we use him because he delivers on service too. He does what he says he will, he lets me know if my brief is OK and he even takes time to ask about our family.

It’s not hard, you might say. But ask yourself when was the last time a supplier told you ‘it’s in hand’, kept you informed of progress and then delivered exactly what you payed for, right when you need it? If you’re anything like me, it’s a rare occasion.

We’re proud to deliver great service at The Enamel Works, but don’t just take our word for it – read our testimonials.